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Audio & Video


Do you need audio editing?

i have spent the last few years working in the bodybuilding, figure & fitness world (as well as those outside of the sport) providing services for online radio, podcasting, and audio editing. If you need a custom track for your website, I can provide that. I play guitar, piano, drums, and other instruments. If you need a posing routine spliced together - I do that too. I've been playing in bands since high school, and editing audio since then as well. I studied audio engineering in Ft Myers, FL for several years and I can deliver most solutions you need for audio - on or off of your website.


Do you need video editing?

If you can use your camcorder, cell phone, or standard digital camera to record clips, you can have a movie or commercial for your website! Email me the clips, and I will build you a video file. Our creation can include the same grphics, logos, and effects found on your website. Email me if you have any questions.


Is audio/video editing included in a website purchase?

Yes it is! I can offer services at $35 per hour if you aren't purchasing a website. But it is included if you are ready for a brand new website! Click here to get started.