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Jack London - Professional Bodybuilder

"I for one have been extremely pleased with the work Rob has done not only on my website, but from a marketing perspective as well. Rob has worked diligently with me on strategy, as well as execution- taking "me" to market as a valuable commodity. I can't list all the compliments I have received on the website, and have become one of the most recognized names in bodybuilding. Thanks Rob!!"


Jimmy Mentis - Professional Bodybuilder

"Rob's the man! Always working extra hours to get the job done on time."





Jimi Varner - Author & Personal Trainer

"I have always dreaded working with web designers. They speak a different language and usually overcharged for the value they delivered, that is, until I met Rob. Rob OVERDELIVERED and was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and innovative when it came to designing my new web site. I can't say enough good about my experience with Rob. You owe it to yourself to take your web site and business to the next level with Rob."

Jimi Varner

Author & Personal Trainer




Shelly Fields- Top Female Bodybuilder & Trainer

"Finding a Webdesigner/Webmaster is a very difficult job. Finding one who has a passion as well as the gift to spread themselves out equally is tremendous. Working with Rob has been such a blessing and would just like to thank him for all he's done for me.


Thanks Rob for a great job!"

Shelly Fields



Rusty Jeffers - Professional Bodybuilder

"If you want a kick ass website with attention grabbing features, smooth flowing text, moving photos, high-end energy filled home pages that makes people come back to your site, there is no other choice, If you need and expect performance, Rob is the only website designer I would ever use, personal or professional."


Rusty Jeffers

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder



Keith Jasper, Bodybuilding Media Producer

Rob was very patient with my details and worked very efficiently. At the time his first born was on the way, Rob still made time to continue on the site. You dream the design and Rob gets it for you. He communicates very well with his customers and brings you the product you wanted. He can build sites fast or at your own pace in order to cover all details. Rob is a great web professional and will make it very far in his business!


-Keith Jasper

Bodybuilding Media Producer